Information about Gigland


Welcome to GIGLAND!

Who is Gigland?

Gigland is the marketplace for booking bands, musicians, entertainers, speakers and services for parties, productions, and events of all types and sizes. With tens of thousands of performers and professionals across the Australia and the Globe, we provide an easy and secure way to create an extraordinary gathering, whether you’re a first-time event host or a seasoned pro. Book something awesome!

Where and When

It all began in 2017 when Gigland founder Ginner Whitcombe set out to create a way for party hosts and event coordinators to find the perfect entertainment / services for their unique events with the aim of creating a industry trusted marketplace and a leading source of gigs for performers and event service providers across Australia and the Globe.

Our Manifesto

We interact with multiple businesses every day, from well-known brands to the mom-and-dad store on the corner. More often than not, it seems that the service we receive is less than remarkable. Once in a blue moon, a company really stands out. It’s different. It’s better. You just can’t help but to tell your friends about it. We want to be that company for you.

We are committed to:

-  Listening intently when given input, criticism, or praise.
-  Creating things that make life better for our customers.
-  Taking the high road.
-  Doing it the right way, not the easiest way.
-  Creating exceptional customer experiences, every time.
-  Working hard, taking risks, and enjoying the resulting profit.
-  Under-promising and over-delivering.
-  Having zero tolerance for mediocre work.
-  Innovating, creating, and improving.
-  Going the extra mile.